Arionum Faucet

The Arionum faucet provides up to 0.01 ARO to all the new members of our community. The faucet is funded by the Arionum Developers and the Arionum Community!

Each person is allowed to use the faucet only once and only if their account has never received any ARO.

The faucet is meant to give a hand to the starting miners and help them secure their accounts with a public key.

Please do not abuse it and help this faucet by donating to it once you can afford to!

The faucet distributes 0.01 ARO to 50 persons per 24H and 0.001 ARO for up to 500 persons per day, depending on availability.

Total distributed: 56.10

Last 24 Hours distributed: 0.00

Faucet balance: 661.42

Please support this faucet by donating to: 2bG9Z7LiMaCoz6WhcnR55z8Uz73RdmLDyn62bWTovuPLK4x6ThYyWGaUKL5HKBHE3UUzsjNJk8He9BNKFd5Zr93Q